Inventsons (Issue #0): Animal Antics

Product Description

The Inventsons are just your normal family of smart inventors and makers who own a unique amusement park known as Inventionland.  Inventionland is where all sorts of new ideas are brought to life. The three young Inventson kids are the “Rock Stars” of Inventionland and their cool inventions inspire others to create as well.

They’re mentored by their grandfather “G”, who lives by the code I.D.E.A which is an acronym for: Imagine, Develop, Empower and Amaze! The Inventson’s positive energy is often challenged by the evil of their arch nemesis Balzer, who lives in a nearby castle inside his very own twisted amusement park, BalzerLand.

In this Issue!

The evil Balzer is up to no good with his animal mind control machine, and only this family of geniuses can stop him!

Will they save the world from being overrun by evil bunnies? So long as they stay creative and stick together, there is nothing they can’t accomplish!
Or so we hope!

$ 3.99