Power of Observation - Shipworm

Product Description

In the Power of Observation – Shipworm poster, Marc Brunel’s observation that tunnels cave in when you try to go under a body of water led him to studying shipworms and how they burrow through wet wood, which did not cave in on them. His observation that shipworms create tunnels by burrowing at the front of the tunnel and then pack the side wall gave him an idea! He went on to invent the world’s first tunnel boring machine that operated on the observation of the shipworm. Reinvigorate students' power of observation and build their ideation skills with this Peek-A-Boo® poster. Flip up the panel to reveal the answer!

Dimensions: 36" x 24"

Where to Hang

  • Hang in your innovation lab/classroom near your brainstorming tables
  • Hang in hallways leading up to the entrance of your innovation lab/classroom


$ 49.99

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