Power of Observation - Spiderweb

Product Description

In the Power of Observation – Spiderweb poster, we take a walk with inventor Samuel Brown through his garden. In this garden, Brown was pondering  the problem of how to create more affordable bridges. When he saw a spider’s web across the path, this gave him an idea. This led to the invention of the suspension bridge, which uses cables like a spider uses its web to go from one area to another. Brown’s invention led to a more affordable way to build bridges. Reinvigorate students' power of observation and build their ideation skills with this Peek-A-Boo® poster. Flip up the panel to reveal the answer!

Dimensions: 36" x 24" 

Where to Hang

  • Hang in your innovation lab/classroom near your brainstorming tables
  • Hang in hallways leading up to the entrance of your innovation lab/classroom


$ 49.99

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