What Accidental Invention Started Here? - Microwave

Product Description

As he worked on building magnetrons for radar sets, Percy Spencer was unaware he’d become the inventor of one of the most common kitchen electronics, the microwave! After noticing a candy bar melt in his pocket as he stood in front of the radar, Spencer investigated to find the technology could also pop corn kernels. Through this discovery, Spencer observed the convenience this quick cooking method could bring to kitchens everywhere! A good sense of wonder can lead to amazing discoveries. Students are reminded by this Peek-A-Boo® poster that you don’t have to be the first to notice something, just the first to investigate and act on it. Teachers may use this poster in their lesson plans. Hang this poster in your innovation lab. Flip-up the panel to reveal the answer!

Dimensions: 36” x 24”

$ 49.99

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